On June 29,2014 we had the honor of attending the Sophia Dubose fundraiser in Nederland, Co. Martyred Angels Foundation as able to make a donation to the family and spend some time talking with them as well. Mr. Dubose and family were an absolute pleasure to have been able to meet and share our stories that have impacted our families for life. Our heart felt thoughts and prayers go out to this family and hope that they find a way to understand and be able to make it through each day without their daughter and sister. Her twin was a delight and full of great spirit and strength. She was an absolute joy to talk to and see her personality after such a terrible tragedy.

MAMC Sophia Dubose fundraiser run 6-29-2014 (3)

We will continue to stay in contact with this family and lend whatever assistance and support that we have possible to give. May God bless Sophia and her family during these times of hardship. Thoughts, wishes and prayers to the entire family.

MAMC Sophia Dubose fundraiser run 6-29-2014 (6)

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