The Martyred Angels Foundation is pleased to offer an internship program to pre-vet and undergrad students with the guidance of Dr. Mark Fitch, DVM of Quality Equine Veterinary Services, Inc. which has served the Boulder Valley region since 1977.

Dr. Fitch will schedule time to shadow students through a variety of equine veterinary services. Depending upon the skill of the student, beginner tasks can range from animal observation, to holding the animal in place as Dr. Fitch works, to bringing them to pasture. Tasks for advanced students can include administering medicines, taking samples, helping to care for injuries, and identifying more serious conditions.

The amount and level of student access to the animal is dependent on many different factors such as general knowledge and previous experience, and including whether the student is pre-vet or undergrad. Dr. Fitch has worked with student volunteers in the past and is very good at matching to skill level of the student to the needs of the animal.

In exchange, students not only receive school credit for time spent shadowing at our facility, but they will also gain valuable experience working with horses and maintaining the good health of the animal.

If you are a pre-vet or undergrad student and would like to apply for our internship, please submit the following application and be sure to attach a resume / CV as well

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