“Our mission is to provide community support to families after the tragic death of a child”

 We offer these services to implement our mission:

  • Group support meetings.
  • Access to Equestrian Therapy.
  • Temporary financial support.

 Our services are available to:

  • Parents that have lost a child
  • Children that have lost their parent(s)
  • Those with confirmed PTSD related to this loss

 To maximize the impact of these services, we coordinate them with other non-profit organizations.

 To Achieve our Mission, we actively solicit support from individuals, businesses, trusts, and foundations.

These services are FREE, but we are also working on getting voluntary professional help for those who need this service as well. We will give what we have in our financial campaign that is available at the time, but our other services are available for as long as needed by the families. We are anticipating this organization’s services to continue to grow and be an enormous level of help and assistance to those that have found themselves at this difficult time in their lives.

Martyred Angels Foundation started as a Motorcycle Riding Non-Profit Organization in honor of “Bladyn James Wayne Vogels” (May 30, 2007 – April 9, 2011) and other families that have lost a child/children that have lost a parent(s) and those with confirmed PTSD related to this loss. The motorcycle attachment to this organization was introduced due to a beautiful story about John and his children. When both of his kids (Raven & Bladyn) turned 1 years old, he would take them for a ride on the front seat of his motorcycle. Both of the kids enjoyed it so much they would hear him coming home from work and run out to the driveway and wait patiently for their turn. However, John was unaware of his son paying attention to how he was starting his motorcycle. Since he never had a reason to lock it up in his own garage, it was left unlocked. One day after working a long 12 hour shift, he came home and parked his bike in the garage and went to go sit down for a few minutes. As soon as he sat in his chair, there was a sound of a starter engaging coming from the garage. He ran upstairs and opened the door, standing on the seat with toes partially on the tanks, pushing the start button with the ignition switch turned on was his 2 year old son Bladyn. Since the bike is carburetor instead of fuel inject, he wasn’t able to get it started and lesson learned from that day forward about locking the motorcycle.

Because of this incident and both of his kid’s enthusiasm for motorcycles, John couldn’t think of a better tribute than to include this in the organization. The Foundation is now more than just a group of motorcycle enthusiasts. It offers “Free” Grief Support Group Sessions that meets the 1st Friday of every month ( 6:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m.) and “Free” Horse Therapy SessionsRegistration is required. To register you can either fill out the contact information in the membership page and include this interest or send an email to martyredangels501c3@gmail.com.

 We hope you will find it within yourselves to help this cause by contributing so we can start helping families and individuals struggling after a tragedy. By your TAX DEDUCTIBLE donations we can help families that are experiencing these enormous struggles at this time in their life. The most important thing for anyone left with this struggle and pain in their life is the support from others that know, as well as those with a passion and willingness to help. It’s been researched that a majority of families in this situation do not stay together (Approximately 80% end in divorce within the first month of a tragedy. Followed by alcohol/drug addiction, thoughts of suicide, homelessness…etc.). This is heartbreaking and devastating. Please help the Martyred Angels Foundation with their goals and mission to help families and individuals that have lost a loved one. Thank you.


If you would like to help support our cause, you can use the following link to make a secure PayPal donation directly to us:


You can continue to offer your ongoing support to the Martyred Angels Foundation by using our PayPal monthly donations to sign up for automatic monthly donations that can be cancelled at any time.