Martyred Angels Foundation Motorcycle Membership





The motorcycle membership was started as a tribute to “BLADYN JAMES WAYNE VOGELS” (MAY 30, 2007 – APRIL 9, 2011) and his love for riding Motorcycles, Tricycles, Toy Rockets, Mickey Mouse Airplane, Two-Wheel Bike, 6 Volt 1948 Indian Chief, and several other wheeled toys which resulted in the inspiration for why this group of the Foundation was formed.

When Teresa and John’s children, Raven and Bladyn, turned 1 years old they started riding. They would sit on the front seat with their dad and go on short little rides around their cul-de-sac. It became such a treat for them that when they would hear their dad’s 1998 HD Road King coming up the road after work, they would either have their faces pressed against the glass front door or they would be standing somewhat patiently outside by the mail box waiting for a ride. They knew that whichever one was the first to ride the last time, would be the second to ride next time. One would patiently (in a way only a child understands :)) wait for the other to finish. When it was their turn, they would anxiously stand with their arms raised to be hoisted into position for their turn.

One time after a long day at work, John mentioned to Raven and Bladyn, who were already waiting excitedly by the mailbox, that he was way too tired to take them for a ride that day and decided to just park the bike in the garage to go inside and relax . After spending a length of time making something to eat and drink before going downstairs to the living room to get some rest, and right before his butt could reach the cushion, the distinct sound of a starter engaging echoed from the garage and throughout the house. Jumping up from his half squat, John ran out and opened the door to the garage and noticed Bladyn had climbed up the side of the bike, and while standing on the tanks with his left hand wrapped around the 18″ apes, he had the ignition switch turned on and was pressing the start button. John then let out a loud, “Bladyn NO!” and ran to grab him off the bike. Bladyn, noticing his dad coming for him, started to quickly push the start button which prompted a frequent loud grinding and occasional engaging sound. Since this became a regular event for John and his children, he never noticed Bladyn (age two at this time) was paying attention as to how he was starting his bike. Plus, the garage was extremely secure so there wasn’t any reason to lock the bike either. Because of this, John has since, and continues today, to lock his bike immediately after coming to the end of each ride.

After Bladyn’s passing, John couldn’t think of a better tribute than to include motorcycles in this organization. This story is touching, heartbreaking, humorous and inspirational. A true testament to the soul and spirit of Dadda’s Little Man. 

This organization is for lending community support to families that have lost a child/children that have lost a sibling or parent(s) and are suffering with Grief and PTSD related to this loss.

We offer these services:

    • Fundraising to help pay for cemetery plots next to the child
    • Group support meetings
    • Access to Equestrian Therapy
    • Temporary Group Financial Support
    • Grief Support Group Camps

Our services are available to:

    • Parents that have lost a child (Civilians – Gold Star Families – Veterans)
    • Children that have lost a sibling and/or parent(s)
    • All Emergency Responders
    • Those with confirmed PTSD related to this loss.

Our services and programs are unique, specifically designed for this type of grief, extremely needed and necessary. So, get in touch and let’s make each day seem possible for families in need of our resources by joining and becoming an MF’er. You can help us make this resource a success for families struggling without the support from those that really understand. If you are interested in joining the Martyred Angels Foundation Motorcycle Membership and our mission, then get in touch with a member or reach out to us by e-mail. Also, you can contact us through our several social media accounts. We are a 501c3 charitable foundation that rides “IN MEMORY OF THOSE.” Our patches are designed for parents riding in memory of their child(ren), whether you’re a Civilian, Gold Star member, Veteran riding in memory of their fallen brothers/sisters or those with a passion and desire to support our cause. We are as unique as the programs we have created for families struggling after the loss of a child(ren)/child(ren) that have lost a sibling or parent(s). Become a member today and help us MAKE A DIFFERENCE!


The main criteria for joining the Martyred Angels Foundation Motorcycle Membership is to support these families struggling after such a tragedy. A willingness and passion to honor family members’ losses and their struggles by honoring those that are no longer with us by riding “IN MEMORY OF THOSE” on a Harley Davidson or Indian Motorcycle. Background checks required, but we completely understand when it comes to making mistakes in life. This is why certain past problems are acceptable for the main reason that we are all just human beings, so we all make mistakes on occasion in life. However, we will not accept anyone with a past in child abuse or anything else related to harming children or violent behavior. We are a 501c3 non-profit organization. We are currently located in Colorado, but our goal is to expand our services across the entire United States of America. If you are interested in joining our organization, then please get in touch with us and let’s have a meeting. Blessings!